How to Download

How to Download

The admin will give instructions on how to download via the shortlink in the form of LINKSHRINK

first you will be told to wait 5 seconds to proceed to Google Drive or the like to download as shown below …

after you wait for 5 seconds it will appear like this and you just click to pass it

after that you finally arrived at the Google Drive page or other download service, and the file is ready for download …

Please note, Safelink is one of the income from this blog. The safelink that we use is only 1 on each link, which means it won’t bother you. The safelink we use is SafelinkU, Linkshrink. Especially for film, we only use SafelinkU and Linkshrink because passing through is very easy. Here are the steps.

SafelinkU / IDSLY.COM

1. Click the movie link that will be downloaded. Example: Google Drive, Openload, etc.
2. Click Captcha “I’m not a robot” and click all the images as requested, then click verification. More details like the picture below * Currently no longer valid. Directly just click visit link 🙂

3. After that, you will wait 5 seconds and click “Get Link” then you will go directly to the main download link for example google drive. More details, lat picture below.

2. Linkshrink

1. Click the download link for the movie to be downloaded. Example: Google Drive, Openload

2. Wait for 5 seconds in the top right corner, (see the picture) then after it’s done, click “Continue”

3. After clicking “continue” then you will go to the main download link, for example google drive.

That’s how to download on this website, again, we only install 1 safelink on each link. If there is a link using 2 safelinks please be notified through the comments column under the post. Thanking you for appreciating only 1 safelink 🙂

More details see the example of the picture below


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