Information :

Info: Wan Ming Ju Zhong Ju (2017)
Genre: Comedy

Sinopsis :

Ma Jianguo is a professional actor, the purpose is to assume that the scene to make the employer to complete a certain purpose. There is a mysterious employer to send a box of money there is a bottle, the employer called Ma Jianguo asked the employer and friends to die, in order to achieve the purpose of hopeless friends hoping, Ma Jianguo look at the money on the happy promise, Go to the employer’s friend home. Disguised to go to the employer after a friend home, only to find the so-called friends are old acquaintance. Ma Jianguo to the dog tried to die dead drugs, is really terrible, so realized that someone to harm them, will count, pretend Ma Jianguo really dead, and his secret cremation, ready to uncover the mysterious employer, but the fire chemical has long been bought, really Burned the death of Ma Jianguo, what is behind the hidden secrets, the living is really burned to death? But also leads to what kind of conspiracy and puzzle? In the “fate in the Bureau”


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